Public Hearings on new vacation rentals ordinance

Before knowing about the public hearings in vacation rental ordinances you should know the legal definitions of the related terms.

Public Hearings on new vacation rentals ordinance

Definition of short term vacation rental

It refers to accommodation to guests where in exchange for compensation, a residential unit is provided for lodging for a period of 30 consecutive days or below. Residential unit shall include all housing types and shall exclude lodging uses and group living.
Definition of short term vacation rental occupant

The term refers to guests, tourists, vacationers, lessees or any other person, who, in exchange of compensation, occupy a residential dwelling for a period of 30 consecutive days or below.

Definition of short term vacation rental agent

The term refers to a person designated by the owner of a short term vacation rental for transacting business.

1. Ordinance by the Macon-Bibb County Commission



• To protect the public health, safety and general welfare of individuals and community
• To monitor and provide reasonable means to citizens to mitigate impacts created by occupancy of short term vacation rentals.
• To implement reasonably tailored regulations to protect the integrity of county’s neighborhoods.
• No person shall rent, lease or exchange for compensation any portion of a dwelling unit as a short term vacation rental without first obtaining a business tax certificate. A certificate issued under this chapter should not be transferred or assigned or used by any person other than the person to whom it is issued.
• Each property for which a certificate is issued shall be subject to the approval of Macon-Bibb County Planning Commission.
• Applicants for a short-term vacation rental certificate shall submit, on an annual basis, an application for a short-term vacation rental certificate to the Macon-Bibb County Department of Business Development Services, or any successor department.
• The owner of a short-term vacation rental shall designate a short-term vacation rental agent on its application for a short-term vacation rental certificate. A property owner may serve as the short-term vacation rental agent. Alternatively, the owner may designate a natural person as his or her agent who is over age 18.
• The duties of the short-term vacation rental agent are to:
(1) Be reasonably available to handle any problems arising from use of the short-term vacation rental unit
(2) Exercise reasonable management of the short-term vacation rental unit

• Failure of the agent to timely appear or respond to two or more complaints regarding violations may be grounds for penalties
• Short-term vacation rental unit owners are subject to state sales tax, County taxes, including but not limited to the hotel/motel tax, and are liable for payment thereof as established by state law and the Macon-Bibb County Code of Ordinances.

2. New Vacation Rental Regulations for San Juan County – July 2018


The new regulations require the new and existing vacation rentals to
• Annually certify compliance with the conditions of their permit
• Include their permit number in advertising
• Have a contact person for emergencies and complaints where the vacation rental is located
• Have rules of conduct with regard to noise, trespassing, water conservation, solid waste and speeding.

3. Short term rental ordinance set for hearing in Forsyth County – April 2018


• House owners must obtain a short term vacation rental permit with the County before renting any portion of their home.
• Owners or a local contact person should respond to the guests all times.
• Lodging with a sewer there should not be more than 15 guests staying overnight.
• Lodging with a septic system also should not have more than 15 guests but occupancy is based on the gallons used per person a day.
• During the day the guests are limited to 19 people
• Parking is limited to one vehicle per bedroom both at daytime and nighttime.

4. Ordinance approved by Boston in 2018


According to this ordinance, ‘Ban on people using websites like Airbnb and HomeAway to rent out the units they don’t live in is imposed’. Mayor Marty Walsh said that, ‘The new rule will strike a fair balance between preserving housing while still allowing Bostonians to benefit from vacation rental industry’. The ordinance does allow people who live in a residential unit to rent it out on a short term basis, either a room in the unit or the entire unit or an adjacent unit after registering with the city and paying annual fees. The mayor is expected to sign the measure in the coming days.


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