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Top Vacation Rentals in Charleston, South Carolina

There is a huge variety of vacation homes available in Charleston. You can choose the best vacation condo rentals to stay comfortably with your family and friends.  There are many areas to select the cottage rentals for spending holidays. Cabin rentals are also available if you are just going for a weekend trip. You can search on the internet for finding the best vacation apartment rentals for your stay in Charleston city. You can select your preferred vacation rental in the city. It is an ideal city to vacation with your family. Couples enjoy their time by taking part in outdoor excursions and other popular activities that take place throughout the year.

There are many historic attractions, harbor views, fun-filled places, and restaurants in the city which make is the best vacation destination. There are a number of activities to do in Charleston such as spending time with the family in a waterfront park, doing shopping in the market. People love visiting this vacation destination as they can visit the oldest museum, take a walk through the plantation gardens, and eat lip-smacking seafood. It is the top vacation destination for the visitors because the museum has wonderful programs that depict the history of the plantation. Other attractions of this beautiful vacation destination include a nature train, zoo, the wildlife area, and surrounding beauty.

Best Neighborhoods to Stay in Charleston

Folly Beach Neighborhoods

Folly Beach

Downtown Neighborhoods


The French Quater Neighborhoods

The French Quater

West Ashley Neighborhoods

West Ashley

Morris Island Neighborhoods

Morris Island

Mount Pleasant Neighborhoods

Mount Pleasant

Kiawah Island Neighborhoods

Kiawah Island

Soco Falls Neighborhoods

Soco Falls

Top Accommodations in Charleston, South Carolina

If you want to have an authentic experience on your vacations to the city of Charleston, you should start searching for the hotels in advance. You can do a hotel search on hotel finder. It will help you to get a list of the best hotels. There is a wide range of accommodations available in Charleston and it is a difficult task to choose the best accommodation for a comfortable stay. People start booking hotels in advance to avoid inconvenience. The hotels and other accommodations are suitably provided with all the necessary amenities for the visitors. The hotels and beach rentals are situated near the coastal area so that you can explore the best sights and attractions of the city. You can choose a rental accommodation or a hotel depending on your personal needs. If you are visiting the city for a day or two, you can book a suitable hotel room near the beach side. If you are going for a longer vacation, it is better to select a vacation rental home. A proper search will help you to find the right price for the accommodation. Check the rating and reviews of the people before booking a hotel or a rental accommodation so that you can find the best place to stay.

Top Things to Do and See in Charleston

There are a variety of things to do and see in Charleston. Would you like to immerse yourself in the rich culture of the city, enjoy a blissful spa, or splash over to take a tour of the city? You will find everything here. People explore the city in different ways as per their choice and interest. It is difficult to think about where to start as there are so many options to see. People visiting the city stay in vacation rentals which are comfortable to live and accommodated with the necessary facilities. Vacation homes are the ideal places to stay while you visit the city with your friends and family. You can explore the city with great enthusiasm.
You can visit the waterfront park and can enjoy the cool breeze. The park is located at the end of the Vendue Range and is the best place to spend time with your family. Another place to see is the White point gardens. It is a public garden and loaded with military statues, monuments, and green area. You can also visit the House Museum and learn about the history of the city. If you cannot walk through the city, you can take a carriage tour to explore the city.

Tourist Attractions in Charleston

Charleston Attraction: College of Charleston

College of Charleston

Charleston Attraction: Waterfront Park

Waterfront Park

Charleston Attraction: Middleton Place Plantation

Middleton Place Plantatio...

Charleston Attraction: Magnolia Plantation & Gardens

Magnolia Plantation & Gar...

Charleston Attraction: Ravenel Bridge

Ravenel Bridge

Charleston Attraction: USS Yorktown and Patriots Point

USS Yorktown and Patriots...

Charleston Attraction: Boone Hall Plantation

Boone Hall Plantation

Charleston Attraction: Fort Sumter National

Fort Sumter National

Charleston History, Interest & Facts

Charleston is the oldest city of South Carolina. It has a rich history due to which it is one of the best holiday destinations for the visitors coming from the different parts of the globe. It is known as the “Holy City” as many churches have been built. There are different options to stay in Charleston for every budget which makes it a unique historic city to spend the holidays.

The Charleston city of South Carolina was founded in the year 1670 but officially it became a city in the year 1783. It has a remarkable history and is known for its charm, unique culture and warm hospitality.  The population of the city is just over 100, 00. The city is located halfway between Washington D.C. and Miami, Florida. The city experiences temperate to subtropical kind of climate. The city receives sunshine for about 230 days each year. The average daily temperature of the city remains up to 65.6 degrees Fahrenheit.  The first Revolutionary War was fought here. The first museum of America named “The Charleston Museum” was founded here in the year 1773. Thousands of visitors come here every year for spending a beautiful time with their family and friends. Vacation rentals are available easily at an affordable price. There are great attractions and beautiful landscapes that attract people from far off places. Vacation home rentals are comfortable to stay and offer the necessary amenities for the visitors. If you have a pet and want to carry it on your vacation, you can choose pet-friendly vacation rentals in Charleston. Thus, it is convenient for people to stay in the city as all kinds of vacation homes are available.

Life in Charleston

Charleston is the best vacation destination. It is a fabulous place to visit to relax and spend quality time with your family and friends. The temperature is hot and humid in summers but remains pleasant for the rest of the year. There are a couple of beaches at short distances which make it a beautiful place to spend vacations. You do not have to worry about the stay as a number of options are available to get on rent. Vacation rentals are the most popular accommodation available for the tourists which help them to stay comfortably. It is ranked as the friendliest city because people are very friendly. They offer warm hospitality to the tourists. The local people can go out of their way to help strangers. They can start a conversation with you without knowing anything about you. It is the way of life people live here in Charleston. If you get a chance to find a vacation rental on the coast of the Atlantic, you will be lucky. You can enjoy the seaside location and can take part in a different land and water activities. People prefer choosing a seaside location to enjoy boating, paddle boarding, kayaking, or relaxing in the sun and sand.

Charleston Festivals

If you are planning to visit Charleston  city, you will have a fantastic time. There are many events and  festivals that take place every day and make the city a wonderful place  to enjoy. Every Saturday, you can visit the Wadmalaw Island with your  family and friends to enjoy the food. You can enjoy food with some  music. Sit around with your mates to enjoy the beautiful surroundings of  the vineyard. Vacation rentals are also available nearby. People who  want to stay for a longer period of the time prefer vacation home  rentals to spend vacations. Vacation apartment rentals are also  available for the visitors. Such rental accommodations are suitable if  you are visiting in a group. Holiday festival of lights is another  popular festival celebrated in Charleston. On this festival, twinkling  lights are lined up along a three-mile drive. The most fantastic thing  to view during the festival is the life-sized greeting cards.  People  love to enjoy at night. Nightlife is popular as there are many clubs and  pubs where you can dance and enjoy the whole night. You can visit the  city during any part of the year as some kind of events or festivals  happen throughout the year. This keeps the visitors engaged in  fun-filled activities.

Cheap Flights to Charleston

There are a number of airlines  flying to Charleston. You can check the route and do an air ticket  booking in advance. You can also compare the prices of online flight  booking. This will help you in choosing a cheap flight ticket and save  money. It is necessary to do a flight booking in advance to avoid the  last minute hassles. You can search on the internet for the cheap  flights to Charleston and get the complete flight ticket booking  information.  Charleston’s city airport is not very big. It takes less  than an hour if you are flying from Atlanta. It is a six hours flight  from Atlanta to Charleston. You can easily hire a car rental from the  Charleston airport to reach your destination. It takes on twenty minutes  to reach the main city from the airport. You can also check from  Columbia as it is only 100 miles away from Charleston and sometimes  offer good flight booking. It is easy to book a flight ticket from here.  You can search the internet for the shorter flying routes that will  allow you to spend a short time in the air. Connecting flights are also  available that help to make your journey more comfortable.

Other Vacation Rentals in Charleston

Vacation Destinations in South Carolina


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