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Top Vacation Rentals in Detroit, Michigan

You can choose a vacation rental in Detroit for a comfortable stay during the vacations. There is a wide range of vacation homes, cottage rentals, cabin rentals, vocational apartment rentals, and vacation condo rentals in Detroit that allow people to choose the most appropriate accommodation on the basis of their needs. You can visit the city with your family and friends and will find a large number of accommodations for enjoying the holiday trip. You can choose accommodation in the downtown, midtown, Brush Park, Lafayette Park, and center city. These are the most popular places where you can find suitable accommodation to stay with your family or friends. Other important places of interest to find an accommodation include Joe Louis Arena, Belle Isle, Cobo Centre, Wayne State University, and Ford Field. Many people prefer to rent a house in Detroit when they have to stay for a longer time. You can find the accommodations with the provision of all the necessary facilities.  If you want to find a vacation rental with pool, you can search on the internet. There are many vacation rentals with pool available in the city. Detroit is a cosmopolitan city and is known for its casino gaming, restaurants, and sporting events.

Best Neighborhoods to Stay in Detroit

Downtown Neighborhoods


Midtown Neighborhoods


Mt. Elliott Cemetery Neighborhoods

Mt. Elliott Cemetery

River Rouge Neighborhoods

River Rouge

GM Renaissance Center Neighborhoods

GM Renaissance Center

Poletown East Neighborhoods

Poletown East

Masonic Temple Neighborhoods

Masonic Temple

Midwest Neighborhoods


Top Accommodations in Detroit, Michigan

Are you planning to visit Detriot this holiday? It is the best vacation destination that has a place for everyone. You can find comfortable accommodation to stay by doing a hotel search on the internet.  It is the top vacation destination as it offers a large variety of homes for the people to stay. You can do a search on the hotel finder to choose the best accommodation for your family on this vacation destination.  You will enjoy exploring the city of Detriot. People enjoy visiting popular casinos, live music, and popular theatre scenes. You can discover the beautiful architecture of the buildings. You can visit the Ford Field, GM Renaissance Centre, and Fox Theatre to enjoy the different events. There are more than 300 hotels and other accommodations in Detroit.  Thus, you will have a number of choices for enjoying your vacations in the city.  The city is known for its live music, art, and theatres. There are many historic buildings that are worth visiting. You can choose a hotel or suitable accommodation depending on your needs and budget. Other popular sights include Belle Isle, Henry Ford Museum, and the Motown Historical Museum. There are many transportation choices to reach this historical city.

Top Things to Do and See in Detroit

Detroit is a lively city where you can take part in a number of fun-loving activities and enjoy visiting many historical places to make your trip enjoyable and memorable. There are a large number of art galleries, museums, and parks that have been made several years ago and look as good as ever. The best places to visit and enjoy in Detroit include the following:
You should not miss visiting the Belle Isle Island. It is situated in the Detroit River. It is a small island but there are a plenty of things to do. People can enjoy a long walk and there are many other sports to enjoy. You can also visit the island aquarium which is the best place to explore history.
Another popular place to visit is the Detroit Masonic temple. It is one of the largest temples and is an example of fine Gothic architecture. It is located on Temple Avenue and built from fine Indiana limestone.
You can enjoy a river walk and enjoy the beautiful scenes beyond the Detroit River. Local people, as well as the tourists, come out of their vacation rentals and vacation homes to run, walk or cycle in the area. There are many places on the route for eating and drinking.
Eastern market is the largest historic market in the city. It covers around 43 acres of land and you can find every kind of food. you can enjoy your favorite breakfast every Saturday as a wide variety of cuisines are served here.
The city is also known for its theatres. There are many theatres in the city made in the historic buildings. The opera house is a beautiful structure and worth visiting.

Tourist Attractions in Detroit

Detroit Attraction: Belle Isle Freedom Tower

Belle Isle Freedom Tower

Detroit Attraction: Detroit Lake

Detroit Lake

Detroit Attraction: Graffiti Detroit

Graffiti Detroit

Detroit Attraction: Fox Theatre

Fox Theatre

Detroit Attraction: Detroit Institute of Arts

Detroit Institute of Arts

Detroit Attraction: Fisher Building

Fisher Building

Detroit Attraction: Russell Alger Memorial

Russell Alger Memorial

Detroit Attraction: Belle Isle Park

Belle Isle Park

Detroit History, Interest & Facts

Detroit city is known as the motor city because it is a concrete highway was made for the first time in the city.  The Belle Isle Park in Detroit is spread across 987 acres and this park has a golf course, basketball court, baseball fields, and museum. It is the largest island park in the United States. Detroit is a beautiful city and it has some unusual landmarks that distinguish it from the other cities of the State of Michigan.  Another important fact about the city is that about 1200 feet underneath Detriot, there are 1400 acres of salt mines. The salt mines are operated by the Detriot Salt Company. It is the first city in the nation known for potato chip consumption per capita. The city is the birthplace of techno music. Thus, if you love music and planning to enjoy your vacations in Detroit, you can choose from the best vacation rentals to enjoy the holidays. Vacation home rentals are easily accessible and equipped with all the necessary amenities for the tourist. If you have a pet and looking for a pet-friendly vacation rental, you can search from the best pet-friendly vacation rentals that are located in the different part of the city.

Detroit is the largest city in the state of Michigan. It is the place where Motown Records originated. There are many attractive places and things to enjoy in the city of Detriot that make it one of the top vacation destinations for the Americans.

Detroit Festivals

People staying in the vacation rentals,  vacation home rentals, and vacation apartment rentals can enjoy  different arts and festivals in Detroit on their vacations. A large  number of festivals and events are celebrated throughout the year in the  city. Some of the popular festivals include the following:

The  North American international auto show is celebrated in January. In this  show, next-generation vehicles and cars are showcased to the people.

The  Detroit Boat show is a popular event in which the boats are used for  fishing, skiing, cruising, and other things. The event takes place in  February. It is worth watching with your family and friends.

The  Detroit festival of the arts is held on the second weekend of June. It  is a three-day festival. In the festival, people enjoy free musical  performances, activities for children, local food items, and art  showings.

The Detroit Jazz festival is another festival celebrated  in the city with great fervor and enthusiasm. It is the top dog Labor  Day festival. The festival is celebrated to pay tributes to the big  names, and it is the best time enjoys live music.  Entry to the festival  is free and open to the public.  People do not have to buy a ticket or  pay an entry fee for enjoying the great shows.

Best Restaurants in Detroit

There  are many local restaurants in Detroit that are worth visiting. Many  people search for where to eat when going for a vacation to Detroit.  There are a number of top restaurants in the city where you can enjoy  the best cuisines of your choice.  You can search for the vacation  rentals where you can also find a good restaurant to eat. Detroit is  known as the best vacation destination if you really want to enjoy good  food. Some of the best restaurants to enjoy food in Detroit are:

La Noria Bistro

In  this restaurant, you can enjoy the Italian and Mexican fusion. It is  known for its pizzas and Pueblan tacos. You can enjoy the Chaplin pizza  with a topping of roasted grasshoppers.

Lumen Detroit

It  is an open air restaurant situated outside the Detroit’s Beacon Park.  It offers a beautiful view when dining with your family. You can enjoy a  variety of beers and cocktails.


If  you have a taste for tapas, it is the best restaurant in Detroit to  enjoy the food. The restaurant also offers Latin classics and ceviche  with flavors from Brazil and Argentina. The restaurant also has a bar  where you can enjoy some imported stuff of your choice.

Cheap Flights to Detroit

Most people prefer online flight  booking. It is an easy method and flight booking can be done from the  comforts of the home. If you are looking for air ticket booking in  Detroit, you have to search on the internet. Flight ticket booking  should be done in advance to avoid any hassles. The Detroit Metro  Airport in Wayne County is the main airport connecting the city.  It is  located 26 miles southeast of the city of Detroit, Michigan. It is the  main international airport that is serving more than six million people.   You can drive from the airport to downtown Detroit. You can hire a car  rental. Taxi and bus service is also available for the tourists. Make  sure that you hire a reputable car rental service. The best way to reach  the city is by car. It is easy to drive through the city and you will  find a number of parking spots on the way. You can also hire a taxi on  the street easily.  You can find flights from Detroit to the top  airlines such as Delta, Air Canada, and United.  It is one of the  busiest airports and you have to book your flight ticket a few months  before your actual plan of visiting the Detroit city to avoid any  inconvenience.

Other Vacation Rentals in Detroit


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