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Top Vacation Rentals in Hollywood Beach, Florida

Tell me something! When you go to Hollywood Beach, would you like to live in an 80s themed beach cottage? Or a 2020 themed vacation apartment with a barbeque and heated pool? Or do you think the classic Malibu condo with a beachfront view is more you? Well, lucky for you, Hollywood Beach has a great variety of vacation rentals that will suit any age, theme, and quirk!

Vacation rentals take the form of condo rentals, beach cottage rentals, vacation apartment rentals and so much more so you will never run out of options to customize your holiday in accordance with your individual design!

Does your imagination of Heaven include a wide blue sky merging into a beautiful blue ocean, with nothing in sight but welcoming smiles, a walkway full of palm trees and a possible interaction with a baby blue whale? Well, you can now skip the expenses to go to Heaven and just drop by to Hollywood Beach, California and live the exact same experience as your imagination wills!
Hollywood Beach makes for the quintessential vacation destination for its easily rental beach houses, oh, and not just any beach houses, but ones that look like they have been pulled straight out of a George Clooney film!

Best Neighborhoods to Stay in Hollywood Beach

Top Accommodations in Hollywood Beach, Florida

Finally convinced that Hollywood Beach truly is the place to go for vacation? Then your next step will be to delve into a hotel search or use a hotel finder website to help you find your dream home for a few days! Booking hotels can be a daunting task simply because you will be spoilt for choice. So let me give you an easy breakdown of how to go about booking your hotel.

Prioritize. What is important for you? First, break that down. Budget-friendly place? Family friendly place? Honeymoon room? Complete relaxation getaway? Adventurous bag-packing? What is the theme of your trip and then what is the budget you are ready to chip in for this lovely vacation?

Rooms range at Hollywood Beach from 68 $ to 683$ so it honestly just comes down to what’s important for you.  A few tips that you should keep in mind before booking your hotel would be to assess if you are vegetarian, how important hygiene is for you, call the hotel after booking if it is a low budget hotel just to make sure that you don’t end up reaching a place that never exists. Easy commute should always be the priority. It should be cost effective for you to be mobile in the area. You can book a cottage for yourself, or just Airbnb with a lovely host or local guide, give a Marriott a chance to treat you like a Queen or simply crash at a student hostel if exploration is all that is on your mind! But always remember to prioritize and know that safety and access to mobility come first because no amazing beach view is good enough if your health does not permit you to enjoy it!

Top Things to Do and See in Hollywood Beach

Hollywood Beach is known for its ventures in land sports including options for golf, cycling, running, tennis and water sports including jet skiing, snorkeling, fishing, scuba diving, and surfing! Sports just for humans? Oh no, you are really underestimating Hollywood Beach because it also holds a dog racing competition at Hollywood Greyhound Track along with a mini Vegas experience of poker and slot machines! Two famous sports venues are also only a short drive away, them being Miami Dolphins Football, Miami Heat Basketball!

If sports aren’t your cup of tea, would shopping work? You will find roadside shacks to the most sophisticated Bal Harbor shops all in one place.

For the foodies like me, not only will you get all-star American diners as you see in the Simpsons but also an array of exquisite international cuisines namely Chinese, Japanese, Italian, Mexican, Thai, French, and even Indian, covering all levels of palates and budgets.

And if you are planning a low budget backpacking trip with a couple of apples and a water bottle in your purse, the picturesque vacation homes and beach condos, tropical walkways, jovial faces and eclectic and inspiring Downtown Hollywood will be more than enough to make the trip absolutely worth it!

Tourist Attractions in Hollywood Beach

Hollywood Beach Attraction: Hollywood Beach Broadwalk

Hollywood Beach Broadwalk

Hollywood Beach Attraction: ArtsPark


Hollywood Beach Attraction: Intracoastal Waterway

Intracoastal Waterway

Hollywood Beach Attraction: Haulover Beach Park

Haulover Beach Park

Hollywood Beach Attraction: Las Olas Beach

Las Olas Beach

Hollywood Beach Attraction: Anne Kolb Nature Center

Anne Kolb Nature Center

Hollywood Beach Attraction: Oleta River State Park

Oleta River State Park

Hollywood Beach Attraction: Fort Lauderdale Beach Park

Fort Lauderdale Beach Par...

Hollywood Beach History, Interest & Facts

Did you know that Hollywood beach is called ‘Florida’s best-kept secret’ because it is the only oceanfront broad-walk in the whole of Florida? There are no motor vehicles allowed, to protect the people from traffic, sound and pollution, which is why you have Florida’s awarded ‘Blue Wave Beach’ on one side, beautiful cafes and endless relaxation on the other and your happy self-enjoying the time of your life in the middle! Hollywood Beach is also home to a populated option of luxury hotels such as Diplomat Resort & Spa Hollywood, Trump Hollywood, and Margaretville Hollywood Beach Resort which allows for not only a sweet vacation destination for a family but a luxurious elite Instagram getaway for the rich and famous!

Another extremely attractive gift of Nature blessed to Hollywood Beach is that it does not harbor regular sand. Its sand bed is made up of quartz crystals and smoothly polished shell fragments. Hence next time you see a golden brown- color beach bed, you know why! This is also the reason Sea turtles dig their nests in the same beach!

After reading all this, beach vacations with extremely attractive vacation rentals and vacation beach houses seem like a boon don’t they?

Life in Hollywood Beach

Let me paint a picture of what life looks like at Hollywood Beach! Irrespective of if you are an early riser or a midnight owl, Hollywood Beach will spread its arms and take you right into its forever active schedule. The day starts at about 6 in the morning when people go out for jogs and cycle rides. The water is slightly cold in the morning as compared to the rest of the day as the sunrise is seen by 7 am.

Lovely shacks and cafes are open for all types of breakfast, healthier options the earlier you are there.
Shops and mainstream shacks open by around 10-11am and the open air theatre with free entertainment is the busiest spot in town then, along with the parks.  You never have to worry about using the washroom at the nth minute because there are very clean public washrooms at every point of the beach bay. Lunch starts early at about 12 pm and goes on late till 4 pm. You will find people grabbing an ice-cream in the afternoon as a cultural tradition in the area.

Live music 5 days a week attracts the community around 6 pm. You will also see many street performers entertaining you to the point of no exist. Families join in around 7 pm for drinks and dinner. Nightlife is prevalent with the clubs and bars buzzing from 9 pm straight till 4 am.

If you want the ultimate college student experience, because you either are one or missed out on it when you were young, then grab a lunch in the afternoon, enjoy the sunset at the beach, walk straight into a dinner at 7pm, get a hearty meal, go to a bar, dance your heart out till 4 in the morning, then enjoy the serenity of the beach at 5am, and when the rest of the city is waking up a 6 for a jog, you go straight to bed! Sounds fun, but it sure does require a lot of stamina, trust me.
Beach vacations like these make for memorable ones hence choosing the right vacation rental is of utmost importance!

Hollywood Beach Festivals

Not only will your Hollywood Beach  Vacation be full of relaxation and fun, but has areas of interest for  those who love to learn while on vacation! Fine art galleries, modern  art galleries are just but a few of the galore of visuals you see in  terms of art. To the extent that you also have street art as a central  focus at the broad walk of Hollywood Beach. There are annual art  festivals held for the same! For music lovers, Jazz festivals are the  most famous at this beach. And irrespective of the time of the year,  outdoor concerts are a daily act near the Young Circle Arts Park. For  dance and film lovers, there are year-round performances and screenings  at the Hollywood Central Performing Arts Center as well.

There is  also a major attraction at the beach created by the indigenous tribe  ‘Seminole’. They frequently perform very authentically and true to their  roots ‘deep water alligator wrestling’ at the Seminole Okalee Museum  and Village. There is also no shortage of comedian performances at the  promenade.

Very recently also started, the Hollywood Beach Latin Festival celebrating Latin culture, food, and music!

Some  of the Vacation Homes and Rentals are so strategically placed that you  can witness glimpses of these festivals from your private Jacuzzi or  balcony at home! And some are placed very close to these performance  centers which makes access to the festivals just a dedication of a few  steps away!

Cheap Flights to Hollywood Beach

To reach Hollywood Beach,  you will have to book a flight for Hollywood, Florida, USA. The easiest  way to go about it is online flight booking. Air ticket booking will  take you to either Miami or Fort Lauderdale. Miami Airport to Hollywood  beach is a 30-minute taxi ride and Fort Lauderdale to Hollywood Beach is  a 20-minute taxi ride. A commute from the airport is very convenient so  you don’t need to worry about pre-booking travel to your hotel.
Flight  ticket booking can be easily done via the various sites present online.  Make sure to check your flight timings as it is the safest to land in  Miami in the morning. It is easy to commute late evening or at night but  it would be advisable to settle in as early as possible and then enjoy  the sensuous view.
If you are not comfortable exploring the area by  yourself, there are several all-inclusive packages available online that  you can completely customize as per your desire! They essentially will  include both way flights, hotel stay, breakfast at the hotel on all  days, lunch and dinner optional, and sporting and tourism activities as  per your choice. Two days will be dedicated to site seeing and one day  left for leisure and shopping.

Hollywood Beach, ‘the hidden  treasure of Florida’, is called so for a reason. Alexander’s treasure is  still in search, but we don’t know what’s waiting once we find it. In  parallel, Florida’s treasure comes with no surprises, just a promise of  utmost bliss and happiness. So, what are you waiting for? Hollywood  Beach is within your reach, so go for it!

Other Vacation Rentals in Hollywood Beach


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