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Top Vacation Rentals in Honolulu, Hawaii

You can discover the different sides of Oahu and its capital Honolulu from your vacation apartment rentals. You can directly rent cottage rentals, cabin rentals, and vacation condo rentals from the owners of Hawaiian condo rentals and accommodations in Honolulu. The Oahu has rich culture and history.  You can choose the accommodation based on your personal needs. If you need vacation homes with bed and breakfast, you can search for the same as plenty of such vacation homes are available. If you bring your pet and search for pet-friendly vacation rentals, there are not too many options as pet-friendly vacation rentals are not available at this tourist destination. You can find cheap and attractive accommodation if you visit in the month of October. In February, you will not find accommodation easily as the island is packed to its full capacity. Vacation rentals are suitable for a family of four people as they have an average area of 650sq.feet.

Best Neighborhoods to Stay in Honolulu

Top Hotels in Honolulu, Hawaii

If you are interested in finding the best hotels in Honolulu-Oahu, you have many options. There are a number of luxury hotels in Honolulu-Oahu that offer the best in class amenities for the vacationers. If you are looking for luxury hotels, you can search in Waikiki where a large number of luxury hotels are available.

If you search for cheap hotels in Honolulu-Oahu, you can find a number of budget hotels in Honolulu-Oahu. You can find hotels for a single night for as low as $28. Users have also found a 4-star and a 3-star hotel from $212. Selection of the hotel depends on your personal needs. You can try the Pagoda Hotel in Ala Moana or the Aston at the Executive Centre Hotel in Kaka’Ako. You may not find a beachfront view in cheap hotels.

If you are looking for accessible hotels in Honolulu- Oahu, then Salt Lake is the closest neighborhood to Honolulu International Airport. If you want to visit the city center, you can search for a hotel in Waikiki and Downtown Honolulu which are only a 20-minute drive from the airport.

Best Time to Visit Honolulu

You can travel any time of year to enjoy a trip to Honolulu-Oahu. The average temperature remains between 75 degrees-85 degrees. The night temperature dips into 60-70 degrees. Summer is warm and dry and winters are cool. Trade winds travel throughout the year and keep the weather in Honolulu Oahu comfortable. February is the best month to visit. It is a good time to visit Honolulu. July is the warmest month and average temperature reaches up to 87 degrees. Winter is the best season to visit Honolulu-Oahu. You can enjoy mild evenings. If you visit between October and April, you can enjoy the rain. December receives maximum rainfall.

Top Things to Do and See in Honolulu

There are a variety of things to do and see in Honolulu-Oahu. You can enjoy a cool moonlight walk along Waikiki Beach or hang out with friends and enjoy hiking and other adventurous activities. The best activities to do in Honolulu-Oahu include hiking through rainforests, biking along mountain ranges, and swimming in the blue water of the Pacific Ocean. You can explore the nature and history of the place through these activities. The best hikes to take in Honolulu-Oahu include the area around the Diamond Head State Monument which is located behind the skyline of downtown Honolulu. The place also offers the best views of the city. You can enjoy the flora and fauna of the island.

The best tourist attractions in Honolulu, Oahu include the following:

  • Koko Crater Trail: It is the best place to visit on the island. It is located 1207 above sea level and you can enjoy panoramic views from the summit.
  • Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve: The bay is situated in the East and it is one of the best natural wonders of the island. There are around 400 species of fish, turtles, and parrot fish in this natural preserve.
  • Diamond Head State Monument: This crater was made a State Monument in 1968 and now it is used as a military lookout point. It is the best place for hiking and offers spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean.
  • Pearl Harbor: This site is dedicated to the battle of Pearl Harbor. You can see informative galleries, a theatre, and a bookshop.
  • USS Arizona Memorial: This is made in water. The memorial is made to pay tributes to the people who lost their lives in the Pearl Harbor attack.

The best spots to visit include the Iolani Palace which is located in downtown Honolulu. Kawaiahao Church is another spot located near the Iolani Palace. It is the first Christian church built here. You can also explore the Oahu’s beautiful botanical garden where you can see Hawaiian plants and tropical flowers. You can also take your kids to watch fish at the Waikiki Aquarium. Bishop Museum is another place where you can see Hawaiian artifacts.

Tourist Attractions in Honolulu

Honolulu Attraction: Manoa Falls

Manoa Falls

Honolulu Attraction: Pearl Harbor

Pearl Harbor

Honolulu Attraction: USS Arizona Memorial

USS Arizona Memorial

Honolulu Attraction: Diamond Head State Monument

Diamond Head State Monume...

Honolulu Attraction: Ala Moana Beach Park

Ala Moana Beach Park

Honolulu Attraction: Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve

Hanauma Bay Nature Preser...

Honolulu Attraction: Koko Crater Railway Trail

Koko Crater Railway Trail

Honolulu Attraction: Iolani Palace

Iolani Palace

Arts & Festivals in Honolulu

Hawaii is a cultural hub. There are a number of visual art venues in downtown that makes it easy for the vacationers to enjoy their vacations. Honolulu is known for the oldest symphonies. Holidaymakers are encouraged to attend the performance of the Honolulu Symphony. If you want to enjoy Honolulu-Oahu culture, you can view traditional performing arts at the Diamond Heart Theatre and the Hawaii Opera Theatre. There are many other smaller venues to watch the real art and culture of the city. You can also enjoy the traditional Hawaiian visual art at the Honolulu Museum of Arts and the Hawaii State Art Museum.

Activities that Honolulu – Oahu locals like to do include visiting the KCC farmer’s market for buying fresh fruits and vegetables, enjoying Friday night fireworks at Waikiki, hiking, and spending a day on the beach.

  • KCC Farmer’s Market is a great place where you can also taste local food. You can also buy something for yourself and loved ones when going back home.
  • Friday night fireworks at Waikiki cannot be missed if you are there on a Friday. It is free to watch. It starts after sunset and is the best activity enjoyed by the local families. You can also enjoy with your family a night time picnic on the soft sand while watching the fireworks exploding over your head.
  • Hiking is not only the best activity for the tourists but the locals also enjoy hiking when they are free. The Lanikai Pillbox hike is the best hike from where you can enjoy the best views along the east coast of Oahu.
  • Local people also visit the beach to spend their day. Lanikai beach is a non-crowded beach. People visit this visit to enjoy a cool breeze coming from the Pacific Ocean.
  • A Koolina lagoon is another thing to enjoy. People enjoy watching the sunset with different colors. You cannot miss a good sunset in Hawaii. Koolina is the best place to witness the sunset. It is a man-made beach cove where you can sit and enjoy the different colors during sunset. Kids can play safely in the waters of the lagoon.

Best Restaurants in Honolulu

It is very difficult to decide where to eat in Honolulu-Oahu as there are hundreds of good eats in Honolulu-Oahu. Here is a list of some restaurants where locals like to eat in Honolulu-Oahu.

Highway Inn: This restaurant has been serving the best Hawaiian food for a long time. You can try the Loco Moco and Chicken rice.

If you want to try the noodles, you should visit Goma Tei. It is located at the Ala Moana Center. You can see a long queue of the locals waiting to get their food. The service is quick and you will love the food.

Bogart’s is the best place to relish your breakfast. Space is small but you will get fresh food. The restaurant is located between Waikiki beach and Diamond Head and it takes only 20 minutes to reach the restaurant.

Some of the top restaurants in Honolulu-Oahu include Alan Wong’s Flagship restaurant which is located on the third floor of the S.King Street Office building. You can enjoy the best cuisine in this restaurant. If you are looking for the best seafood and steaks, you should visit the Bali Steak and Seafood restaurant. This restaurant offers the best Wagyu Honolulu-Oahu.

Cheap Flights to Honolulu

Honolulu International Airport is the main airport to reach the Hawaiian Islands. Major American airlines serve the main terminal and many international airlines from other countries also fly to this airport. The city is easily accessible from the international airport. You can search for cheap tickets to Honolulu-Oahu on the internet. Online flight booking is available at affordable prices. If you want to choose business class tickets to Honolulu-Oahu, you can compare the price of the different airlines. The best flights to Honolulu-Oahu include Hawaiian Airlines, Island Air and Mokulele Airlines, Air Canada, Pacific Wings, Philippine Airlines and Qantas. You can also book a last minute flight to Honolulu-Oahu with the Hawaiian airlines. Air ticket booking should be done in advance as sometimes it is difficult to get the best price for air tickets to Honolulu-Oahu. It is difficult to arrange air tickets to Honolulu-Oahu during the peak season from June to mid-September and mid-December to mid-January. The best way to get in and out of the HIA is by bus, shuttle, car rental, or taxi. Intra-airport transportation is also available for the passengers to reach gates and terminals. If you have to wait for the car rental at the airport, you must visit the art exhibits and historic displays that are located throughout the airport.

Other Vacation Rentals in Honolulu


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