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Top Vacation Rentals in Salt Lake City, Utah

I know like every tourist, the first thing to search for is vacation homes in the city. If you are also planning to visit Salt Lake City, you can find the best accommodation suited to your needs. A large number of cottage rentals, cabin rentals, vacation apartment rentals, and vacation condo rentals are available that will perfectly suit your needs. You can search the internet for finding the best accommodation in the top areas of the city. Accommodations are provided with the best modern amenities to provide comfort and convenience to the people. Downtown is the best area where you can find a number of vacation rentals at an affordable price. Although the different types of accommodations are scattered throughout the city, you are guaranteed to enjoy the vacations with your friends or family. This mountain valley is home to the millions of people. There are many universities, a ski scene, and peaceful grassland. You will love the hospitality of the people. The local people are cooperative and help the visitors in every possible way. You will definitely enjoy your stay in one of the best vacation rentals in the city. You can stay at one of the downtown’s accommodation and can enjoy the different attractions of the city that are discussed further.

Salt Lake City is a great place to have fun with your family and friends. There are a number of hotels and restaurants to find comfortable accommodation in the city. The beautiful attractions of the city will help you to enjoy a great time. Salt Lake City is a vibrant city of the state Utah. It is nestled within a valley known as the Wasatch Front.

Best Neighborhoods to Stay in Salt Lake City

Downtown Neighborhoods


Jordan River Trail Neighborhoods

Jordan River Trail

Temple Square Neighborhoods

Temple Square

Alta Neighborhoods


Capitol Hill Neighborhoods

Capitol Hill

Cottonwood Neighborhoods


Sugar House Neighborhoods

Sugar House

Salt Lake City International Airport (SLC) Neighborhoods

Salt Lake City Internatio...

Top Accommodations in Salt Lake City, Utah

Salt Lake City is a fabulous vacation destination as it has many things to offer for the tourists. You can have an unforgettable experience.  It is one of the top vacation destinations for the people living in the U.S. You can start with a hotel search on the hotel finder. You will find a plenty of luxury hotels and other accommodations in the city where you can enjoy the modern amenities at an affordable cost. It is one of the best vacation destinations because it offers a high-class dining experience, vibrant nightlife, creative culture, beautiful establishments, and local events that you expect when visiting a metro area. It is one of the earliest settlements in the Western U.S. You will be impressed with the history of the place which is also described further. You can search for the city’s top sites such as Rocky Mountain Raceway, Temple Square, and Miller Motorsports Park where you can find comfortable accommodation of your choice. You will enjoy the convenience and the comfort at any of the accommodations that you book for your vacation in Salt Lake City. It is a wonderful place to enjoy for travelers. The Mormons and mountains are the most attractive features of the city.

Top Things to Do and See in Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City is an exciting place to enjoy. You can stroll through the arboretum and botanical garden at the Red Butte Garden, enjoy delicious food, watch unique birds at the Tracy Aviary, the largest bird park in the U.S. or explore the West Valley City.

You can book the best vacation rentals in the city to enjoy and visit the different place to make your vacations memorable. Vacation homes are situated near the top attractions of the city. One of the city’s top attractions is Utah’s Hogle Zoo. The zoo is a home for a variety of species.

The Clark Planetarium is the best place to visit if you have small kids with you. It is the best place for entertainment and educational learning. It provides information on the solar system and the Earth. You can also enjoy music coordinated light shows.

Another popular place to visit in Salt Lake City is the Natural History Museum of Utah. Here, you can learn about geography, history, earth science, and the unique culture of the city. There are permanent exhibits that provide the past history of the city.

Red Butte Garden is a botanical garden situated at the base of the Wasatch Mountain Range. It is stretched over 100 acres of land. There are several miles of walking and jogging area through the natural vegetation.  Lastly, you should visit Temple Square, the most important center of the city.

Tourist Attractions in Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City Attraction: Arboretum


Salt Lake City Attraction: Mormon Temple

Mormon Temple

Salt Lake City Attraction: State Capitol

State Capitol

Salt Lake City Attraction: Mormon Tabernacle

Mormon Tabernacle

Salt Lake City Attraction: Joseph Smith Memorial Building

Joseph Smith Memorial Bui...

Salt Lake City Attraction: Liberty Park

Liberty Park

Salt Lake City Attraction: Trax


Salt Lake City Attraction: Beehive House

Beehive House

Salt Lake City History, Interest & Facts

Salt Lake City was founded in 1847 by Mormon Pioneers. The group was led by Brigham Young. The Mormons discovered this place in search of an area where they could practice their religion comfortably. In 1848, more people visited the valley.  Development started and the city continued to grow. Many important centers such as the Salt Palace Convention Center expansion, the Salt Lake International Center, University of Utah Research Park, and Triad Center were developed in the 1980s.
The city is ranked as the best place for business and the city is known for its biomedical, high technology and software agencies.
Salt Lake City hosted the Olympic Winter Games in 2002. It was the largest city ever to host the winter games. The city was well prepared for this prestigious event. There are many venues in the city that are available for the visitors to enjoy and revive Olympic memories. Many new vacation rentals were built to accommodate the tourists from the different parts of the world. Vacation home rentals made the stay of the visitors comfortable and enjoyable.
If you search for pet-friendly vacation rentals in the city, you will easily find one. You can also bring your pet along with as the pet-friendly vacation rentals offer suitable amenities for visitors with their pets.

Salt Lake City Festivals

A large number of events and  festivals are celebrated in the city to keep the visitors busy  throughout the year. The two most important events celebrated include  the Sundance Film Festival and the Lehi Round-up celebration. The  Sundance film festival is the largest film festival in the USA. It  features competitions for American and international dramatic and  documentary films. In the Lehi Round-up Rodeo, the Longhorn cattle are  being driven down the Main Street of Lehi and you can enjoy the event  from the comforts of your vacation rentals. People staying in vacation  home rentals can also take part in the celebrations. Another popular  festival of the city is US open Snowkite Masters. Snowkiters from the  different parts of the US take part in this event. Tulip festival is  celebrated in April. There are millions of tulips of more than 100  varieties. It is celebrated in the Thanksgiving Point Gardens spread  over a 55 acre of land. The event includes music, food, activities for  children, and garden tours. The Utah Arts Festival is a popular event  and more than 200 artists and performers take part in the event. The  event includes the work of different artists such as digital art,  drawing and pastel fiber, visual arts, ceramics, jewelry, metalwork,  photography, etc.

Best Restaurants in Salt Lake City

The  Salt Lake City is packed with a number of top restaurants. When you will  search for where to eat in Salt Lake City, a number of restaurants will  come up on the top list where you can relish the best cuisines. It is  the best vacation destination for the people who love to eat and enjoy  different cuisines. Vacation rentals are also situated near the top  restaurants in the city that will make it comfortable for you to enjoy  your food. Some of the top restaurants in Salt Lake City are:

If  you like to eat the best Mexican food, you should visit the Red Iguana  situated at the west of Downtown. This restaurant serves a number of  incredible dishes.

If you prefer sushi, you can visit Takashi that is located in the center of Downtown. It serves modern Japanese cuisines.

If  you want to enjoy food at an affordable price, you should visit the  Chanon Thai café. It is the best restaurant to enjoy Thai food. As soon  as you will enter the place, you will get the distinctive aromas of the  fresh ingredients and spices.

Barbara is another restaurant which  is an ideal place for savvy diners. The restaurant offers the best  cuisines and this restaurant has received the AAA Four Diamond Award.

Cheap Flights to Salt Lake City

Salt  Lake City is a unique vacation destination. It is easy to fly to Salt  Lake City as inexpensive flights are available from the different parts  of the U.S. Online flight booking is easy and can be done from the  comforts of the home. You can make a direct flight booking even if you  are flying from the east coast. The passengers do not have to stay in  the air for more than 4-5 hours. Flight ticket booking should be done in  advance to avoid any hassles. You can search for different airlines on  the internet for an air ticket booking and select the most appropriate  as per your schedule. Salt Lake City International Airport is the major  airport connecting the city with the other parts of the U.S. It is one  of the top ranking airports in the United States. Most travelers can  find cheap flight tickets throughout the year. You can search for the  nonstop flights on the internet and can also compare the price of the  different airlines. Easy transportation is available from the airport to  your final destination. You can hire a rental car, taxi, or bus to  reach the city which is a few minute drives from the airport.

Other Vacation Rentals in Salt Lake City

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