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Top Vacation Rentals in Santa Monica State Beach, California

The sprawling beach has every type of accommodation available easily. These can be accessed from the numerous websites.  You can choose from a variety of vacation rentals – starting from beach rentals and beach cottage rentals, vacation condos,  and even apartment rentals.  if you wish to stay on the beach itself, then the Fairmont Miramar Hotel & Bungalows, which is a heritage hotel for tourists.  Again, another lovely place to spend your time is the Viceroy Santa Monica. These places are highly popular and in demand.

Picture this- you are on a ship gazing at the horizon thinking about freedom as the sun bows down before you. Then you wake up with a start- and - back to the reality! Studies have shown people’s dreams reflect their innermost desires. Studies also say that with the major source of stress and anxiety is from overwork and anxiety. Studies will say many things. but what matters is that you pick a vacation destination that grants you that horizon. The Santa Monica State Beach is the best place, to watch the sunset from a Beach house. These can be easily booked from numerous beach house rentals available here.

Best Neighborhoods to Stay in Santa Monica State Beach

Top Accommodations in Santa Monica State Beach, California

Santa Monica offers roundabout 40 hotels, all within 4 miles to the ocean, with most adjacent to or in walking distance of the beach. The price ranges from luxurious to affordable, according to your preferences.  Booking Hotels is pretty easy, for most of the hotels have their own web portals, which is very user-friendly.  The web portals are specially designed to be tourist-friendly. The customers can filter their searches according to the preferences- for eg, if you are more particular about the type of accommodation, then you can select from the multiple choices of – luxurious hotels, beach houses, rentals etc as options at Tripinn.

However, you can also start your hotel search at various tourist planning websites, especially if you are a foreigner, these websites are far more convenient for booking and reservations.

Price –wise if you want a decent hotel at a reasonable price you could opt for mid-city or downtown LA hotels instead of specific getaway hotels which offer a more secluded type of luxurious stay. However, if you are planning to enjoy a bit of solace, it is more commendable to go for some beach resorts or beach cottages or resorts which are near to the beach. These offers, great hospitality and the view of the sea.

Top Things to Do and See in Santa Monica State Beach

The Santa Monica beach is divided into two major paths- the north and south pier. The Annenberg Community Beach House is a definite point of interest located at the northern pier of the beach, there are a number of trails, bridges crossroads, and pathways favorable for the perfect dusk or dawn walk.  Beaches are prime spots of kids and have stores the North Beach Playground for the little ones. the playground hosts a number of rides and activities for the younger hearts- the Ferris wheel is of a particular interest along with other rides, such as swings, slides, and climbing. if you are staying in the nearby vacation homes, you can easily walk or cycle to the beach. A number of beach condo and vacation rentals are ably connected to the playground and pier with cycle or bike paths and if you prefer walking its effective for pedestrians as well.

What is beaching without surfing? The Santa Monica Sea hosts friendly waves enough for beginners to try and get their surfs up! And for those not into surfing, and looking for some quiet places to explore, they can check out the Chess park or the Carousel Park.

Tourist Attractions in Santa Monica State Beach

Santa Monica State Beach Attraction: Main Street

Main Street

Santa Monica State Beach Attraction: The Original Muscle Beach

The Original Muscle Beach

Santa Monica State Beach Attraction: Palisades Park

Palisades Park

Santa Monica State Beach Attraction: Tongva Park

Tongva Park

Santa Monica State Beach Attraction: Santa Monica Airport

Santa Monica Airport

Santa Monica State Beach Attraction: Bike Path

Bike Path

Santa Monica State Beach Attraction: Pacific Park

Pacific Park

Santa Monica State Beach Attraction: Third Street Promenade

Third Street Promenade

Santa Monica State Beach History, Interest & Facts

Santa Monica beach is most recognized by its landmark- the Santa Monica pier, which is just about a century old, and it marks the city’s beginning.   Just north of the state beach is a place called ‘Arlington West’. This is a temporary war memorial made in honor of the martyred soldiers in the Iraq war.  This is done every Sunday, from sunrise to sundown. The temporariness of the memorial enables it to be updated (if necessary) every week, with new crosses. The Arlington West memorial is conducted by the ‘Veterans For Peace organization.’

These spots of interest reflect on the history and heritage of the area, they are a walking distance from the major of the vacation rentals, and vacation beach houses so the tourists lodging there can easily travel to these spots.  The major tourists who arrive here with the sole purpose of beach vacations, but while here, do not forget to check out these places of interest as they grant the visitors a quiet and serene place for reflection.

While here, do check out the ‘Original Muscle Beach’ which was established in the 1930s for the “fitness boom” period of America. The area has now developed into gyms, sport and health centers.

Santa Monica State Beach Festivals

The beach holds a bunch of  festivals throughout the spring, summer and winter seasons. The  festivals are free for most instances, with the exceptions of a few paid  ones.  Amongst the free ones, the must do's are the- “the BFF- the  Binge-fringe festival”  of free theatre.  This hosts many artists, local  bands, musicians from Los Angeles itself, the entry as is suggested- is  completely open, do check it out for some good time during your stay  here.

Another major fest is the “Fall Festival-  Dia De Los  Muertos”, which is also held on mid-October. It showcases a special “day  of the dead “ exhibit despite other fun activities such as shows, open  rides, food stalls etc. It’s quite a buzzing time here in October.

The  hotel – Viceroy Santa Monica is the most popular and one of the oldest  in town. The hotel hosts an annual “haunted hotel” fest, which is during  Halloween at America. This one has a minimal entry fee and is ideal of  revelers and party-hoppers, there are an all-night Dj and dance fest  here.

The Viceroy hotel and the other festivals are quite  accessible for people staying in vacation rentals, vacation homes, and  beach rentals.

Cheap Flights to Santa Monica State Beach

Los Angeles  International Airport    Hollywood Burbank Airport    John Wayne Airport     Long Beach Airport    Ontario International Airport
8 mi / 13 km    25 mi / 40 km    52 mi / 84 km    35 mi / 56 km    60 mi / 97 km

The  closest Airport is the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). it is  also the most easily accessible because there are direct bus and shuttle  service from the major public spaces to the airport. Frequent in and  outbound flights make it the prime and busiest of airports.  Air ticket  booking can be easily initiated from online websites, some hotels and  vacation resorts also offer that facility. The airport website has the  elaborate time schedule of regular flights in and out of LA for easy  navigation of foreign tourists.  Flight booking can also be done through  travel agencies that are easily contactable, this is especially a  better option for those traveling in larger groups. It is advisable to  complete all ticketing of online flight booking and flight ticket  booking because later on availability is a cause of concern. Especially  during festival or holiday times are peak times of tourist rush in LA.

So what are you waiting for, get set pack!

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