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Top Vacation Rentals in Savannah, Georgia

Whether you are visiting Savannah with a group of friends, your family members or alone to relax, you should book one of the best vacation homes in Savannah to enjoy your vacations. Vacation apartment rentals and vacation apartment condos in Savannah are spacious. Cottage rentals are the best choice for people who are looking for little homes away from home. How will you feel when you will get up in the morning and view the expansive Savannah River? Pet-friendly vacation rentals are also available for the people who want to carry their pet with them.  You can surely enjoy a comfortable stay in a convenient place. The accommodations in Savannah are affordable and offer the best amenities to the visitors. Most of the vacation rentals are located within walking distance of the historic district’s attractions, shopping areas, and restaurants. You can enjoy complete privacy in one of the best vacation homes in Savannah. You can select an accommodation near the most popular areas of savannah such as the Beach Institute, Forsyth Park, Cockspur Island Lighthouse, and the United States customhouse.

Savannah is a popular city of Georgia and it is known for its art and architecture. You can enjoy the nature with its emerald tree canopy and beautiful flowers that bloom during the spring. It is a perfect place for the people who love to eat different cuisines. You can visit Savannah and discover the enchanting soul of beautiful nature. There are a number of events that take place in the city throughout the year and keep the visitors busy.

Best Neighborhoods to Stay in Savannah

Top Hotels in Savannah, Georgia

Sometimes, it is difficult to find the best hotels in Savannah. But, there are a number of budget hotels in Savannah that offer excellent amenities, services, and ambiance. If you want to choose from the luxury hotels in Savannah, you will get the best-in-class services. Luxury hotels offer you a spacious outdoor pool area, a bar, restaurant, and all are available under one roof to make your stay easy. Most of the cheap hotels in Savannah are located downtown. You can visit the most historic places easily as they are located at a walking distance. These accessible hotels in Savannah make it easier for visitors to explore the town on foot. Some of the best hotels in Savannah are located near the freeway, some near the airport, and others in the midtown. You can easily find a clean, comfortable, and convenient hotel to stay in Savannah. Midtown Savannah is only a few miles from the historic district and you can find a number of affordable hotels there.

Best Time to Visit Savannah

The best season to visit Savannah is spring or early summer. You can enjoy lush greenery and beautiful flowers in the month of March till July. The weather is at its best during this time. But, it is also the busiest months and you have to spend more on accommodation and flight. It is a good time to visit Savannah because you can also enjoy special events such as Savannah arts festivals. The weather in Savannah is hot and humid during the summers and cold in winters. Late summer and autumn are not too crowded and you can also enjoy a number of events such as the Savannah film festival.

Top Things to Do and See in Savannah

There are endless tourist attractions in Savannah. There are so many best activities to do in Savannah and it is difficult to enjoy all the activities when you on vacations to Savannah. Read here to know more about the best spots in Savannah.

  • Forsyth Park: It is a beautiful green lush landscape and it is a famous tourist place.there is different varieties of trees, flowers, and foliage found in the park. There is something going on here such as open-air concerts and a farmer’s market that open every Saturday.
  • Old Savannah Trolley Tours: You can explore Savannah's historic district on this hop-on-hop-off trolley tour. If you have come to the city for only a few days, it is the best way to explore the city. The trolley shows off some of the best spots such as the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist, the Sorrel-Weed House, the Temple Mickve Israel, the Mansion of Forsythe Park, and the Mulberry Inn. There are total 15 stops and you can hop off the trolley anywhere and can take another one which comes after every 15-20 minutes.
  • The Owens Thomas House: It is the best place to admire the architecture and history. The house was built in 1819 and is quite large. The house was designed by an English architect. Now, it is a historic landmark.
  • The Savannah waterfront: Savannah has a river. There are cobblestone streets where you can walk past the dozens of businesses and can look for shopping, dining, and drinks.
  • The Wilkes House: You can visit this place to enjoy fin southern cooking. You can enjoy fried chicken, sweet potatoes, gumbo, biscuits, and more menus to satisfy your taste buds. The place has a casual atmosphere and the menu changes every day.
  • Bonaventure cemetery: You can visit Bonaventure Cemetery for enjoying the moss-laden oak trees. It is one of the most beautiful cemeteries in the world. There is no fee to enter the cemetery and it is spread over more than 100 acres.
  • Massie Heritage center: You can visit the Massie Heritage center for learning more about the history of the city. You can have a look at the 19th-century classroom, collect information on the maritime and architectural history of the city and learn lots more.

Tourist Attractions in Savannah

Savannah Attraction: Squares


Savannah Attraction: Live Oak

Live Oak

Savannah Attraction: Fort McAllister State Historic Park

Fort McAllister State His...

Savannah Attraction: Old Fort Jackson

Old Fort Jackson

Savannah Attraction: Cathedral of St. John the Baptist

Cathedral of St. John the...

Savannah Attraction: Juliette Gordon Low Birthplace

Juliette Gordon Low Birth...

Savannah Attraction: Bonaventure Cemetery

Bonaventure Cemetery

Savannah Attraction: City Market

City Market

Arts & Festivals in Savannah

Savannah is known for its vibrant art and music community. A large number of festivals are celebrated throughout the year by the local people. There are many museums that preserve the rich art and history of Savannah. There are different activities that savannah locals like to do during the festivals. Some of the popular sites that depict savannah culture are:

  • Telfair Museum of Art: It is the oldest art museum in the south. You can see beautiful paintings from German painters, and the American French period furniture. The museum is also the house for the public collection of paintings by Kahlil Gibran.
  • The historic Savannah theatre: It is the oldest operating theatre in the US. It was built in 1818. The theatre is located in Chippewa Square which has become the best place for the Savannah nightlife and entertainment.  There is a bench outside where many scenes of the movie Forrest Gump were shot.
  • Wormsloe Historic Site: You will find a beautiful lane of oak trees here. This historic site is the best place to see oaks and Spanish moss that you would like to see. You can visit the museum and walk through a nature trail.
  • Old Fort Jackson Historic Site: It is the oldest standing brick fort in Georgia. It was built in 1808. Nearly, 50,000 visitors come here every year. The fort is named after a Georgian governor who helped to free the Savannah from the British rule. You can view the Savannah River from its top.
  • Fort Pulaski: The fort is located near Tybee Island. The fort is named after one of the heroes of the American civil war. The fort was built by using twenty-five million bricks. It is fun to explore the fort as you can enjoy cannon firings, musket firing demonstrations by the rangers.
  • Telfair Academy: If you want to show your creativity, you can visit the Telfair Academy. It was set in the early 19th century. There are many rooms where there is an excellent display of art. If you want to enjoy modern art, you can visit the Jepson center that focuses on modern art.

Best Restaurants in Savannah

I know when you plan for vacations; you would like to know the best eats in Savannah. The best way to find where to eat in Savannah is to search for where locals like to eat in Savannah. It is easy to trust a place where locals go for eating the meals. The top restaurants in Savannah are:

The Grey: It is a famous restaurant that offers a new American menu. The meals are prepared using the regional ingredients.

Mrs. Wikes Dining Room: This is the best restaurant if you would like to enjoy home-cooked Southern feast of fried chicken, candied yams, okra gumbo, and other food. You have to pay in cash because the restaurant does not accept the payment by electronic means.

Zunzi’s: The restaurant is located in the historic district. Locals and tourists visit the restaurant to enjoy delicious meals. The restaurant has a unique menu and combines the flavors of Dutch, Swiss, South African, and Italian type. The restaurant is known for its sandwich.

The Pirate’s House:  It is also located in the Historic District. It is one of the oldest buildings in Georgia and originally it was the site for a botanical garden.  Now, there are 15 dining rooms each with a different theme. You can enjoy fresh seafood, steaks. It is the best restaurant to visit with your family and kids.

Cheap Flights to Savannah

The most important airport is Savannah/Hilton Head International Airport. It is the second busiest airport in Georgia after the Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta airport. The airport is about eight miles from the center of Savannah. If you want to book cheap tickets to Savannah, you should book at least two weeks before the departure. March and April are considered as high season and the cheapest month to travel savannah is January. Online flight booking is the best method by which you can save money on air ticket booking. Air tickets to Savannah are available through different airlines. The best flights to Savannah are served by United Airlines, and United Airlines, etc. If you want to get more information about the city, you can visit the airport information desk. You can reach the city center by taking a local taxi from the airport. There are a number of airlines that offer a good discount during the offseason. You can also search on the internet to get the best deals on your flight booking. If you do not have any fixed plan, you can look for the best deals to save money by making some changes in your vacation dates.

Other Vacation Rentals in Savannah


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