Best Lakes To Explore In Minneapolis

Minneapolis is referred to as the ‘Land of 10000 lakes’ but it is the home to more than 11000 lakes. In the summer people take a splash in the lakes and in the winter they go for ice skating. All lakes in Minneapolis are not the best ones to swim, to fish and to sail. Here are a few gorgeous lakes that are the best to explore in Minneapolis. Best Lake Locations In Minneapolis For Your Summer Vacation.

Lake of the Isles:

minneapolis lakes
Take a walk or run or just bike around the lake to enjoy the splendid view. The beautiful scenery is a welcome escape from the noise and pollution of the city. It is famous for ice skating and ice hockey in the winter. It is also packed with activities like kayaking, canoeing and boating etc., in the summer.

Lake of the Woods:

Lake of the Woods - minneapolis lakes
It is popular for its natural rugged beauty. If you love camping in a wild setting, the pristine wilderness of Lake of the Woods will definitely meet your expectations. Camp grounds around the lake offer a lot of facilities for the campers. With fishing, golfing and hunting in summer and ice fishing, ice hockey and snowmobiling in the winter, Lake of the Woods is a favorite lake of locals as well as tourists.

Lake Phalen:

Lake Phalen - minneapolis lakes
It is a beautiful lake with lots of activities to do. You can enjoy your time canoeing, boating, kayaking, fishing, wall climbing, cooking, swimming, leather crafting, scavenger hunting and many more. It is bustling with activities that you will not feel bored for a moment. Paved walking trail and camping grounds are the added attractions. The best thing is that it is peaceful because noisy gas motors are not allowed in the area.

Cedar Lake:

Cedar Lake - minneapolis lakes
The lake is large encompassing about 800 acres of land. It is a popular destination for picnicking, boating and fishing. The weekly Sunday Scow sailing and Regattas attract a large crowd. It is the home of the Hidden Beach. Earlier, it was a hippie hangout and an illicit nudity beach but today it is a kids’ friendly beaches with an unique aura of seclusion.

Lake Pepin:

It is a beautiful spot and is a treat to the eyes of all photographers, poets and painters. It is 28 miles long. You have several reasons to explore the lake including bird watching, ice boating, cross country skiing, hiking, sledding, snowshoeing, snowmobiling and many more.

Lake Nokomis:

Lake Nokomis minneapolis
This lake comes alive in the summer to soak up in the sunshine and enjoy the multiple outdoor activities full of fun and thrill. You can ride on your bicycle or take a walk or skate on your roller blades, or take a swim. There is plenty of space to picnic and plenty of wildlife to observe. It is a great spot for fishing, kayaking and boating.

Gull Lake:

The view around the lake is breathtaking. Take a pontoon ride if you want to enjoy the scenery completely. You have a wide variety of activities to enjoy but fishing is the most favorite one because the lake is packed with fish.

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