Top 10 Best Skimboarding Beaches In The U.S.

Are you a wave enthusiast? Are you a flatland rider? If so, I am sure that you are aware that you have to consider many important issues before selecting a skimboarding spot. Skimboarding is a combo of surfing, snowboarding and skateboarding. That is the reason why it is not easy to find the right spot for skimboarding. You have to look into quality of the sand, the amount of water in the surface if you are a flatland rider. If you are an inland rider you need a ground that is smooth and firm with about half an inch of water covering it. Beaches that are 100 degrees or more steep are not suitable for skimboarding. Beaches with medium slopes are the perfect choice.


There are several skimboarding spots in the world. Do you want to know the best in USA? They are right here for you.

Emerald Isle North Carolina


Are you a beginner? If so, this is one of the best for you because of several factors. It has a gentle slope. It is sparsely populated. There is plenty of room for you to try skimboarding without the interference from others. If you are an advanced skim boarder, you can ride out on the close shore break wave and have fun.

Laguna Beach, California


Do you know that the sport was invented in Laguna Beach? Being the birth place of skimboarding, it is of no wonder that skimboarding at Laguna Beach is better than all other places. It is counted in one of the best Glorious Beaches of California. The waves at Laguna Beach are the best for skimboarding. The waves break close enough to the shore to help the skim boarders have fun dashing and hopping onto their boards.

Vilano Beach, Florida


Vilano Beach is very popular for skimboarding. It is not suitable for the beginners because you have high tides throughout the year. The beach is also steeper than other beaches of Florida like Anna Maria Island. It hosts the third longest professional skimboarding tournament. Hence, there can be no doubts about the best skimboarding facilities here.

Dash Point State Park, Washington


It is a good option both for shoreline riding and tidal stream. The sand is suitable flatland tricks and speed runs. The stream is best when the tide is low. So you should ride this beach when the tide is low. Towards the top, the beach gets rockier. If you are a skim boarder and if you are visiting Washington, look no further. Head straight to this beach.

St. George, Utah


It is one of the best skimming spots because of its great sand. Summer and spring are the best time to ride here. Most people are shocked to hear that there is a skim spot in Utah where there are no beaches. The unique thing about St. George skimming is that it is river skimboarding. The weather remains the same all the year around and you can have fun whenever you go.

Wedge Beach, California


It is one of the best skimboarding spots in the world. The only problem in Paradise beach is that the waves are not consistent here. The place is crowded with skim boarders. There are at least 15 guys skimming whenever you go. The waves are high and it is not the best option for the beginners.

Skaket Beach, Massachusetts


This is perfect for beginners because you have long stretches of shallow water with gentle waves. The best thing about Skaket Beach is that you can take your kids for skimboarding here. It is safe for the kids. You can sit it the beach and relax while watching them have fun in the safe and shallow water. The beautiful sunset and the wide variety of marine life in the tidal pools are a bonus. It is one of the most family-friendly beaches in Massachusetts.

Dewey Beach, Delaware


It is a home for skimboarding for more than three decades and the best beaches of Delaware. Many skimboarding competitions are held every year in this beach. It hosted the world championship in the year 2017. As the summer gets hot, the place becomes crowded with skim boarders. If your kids are interested in learning the basics of skimboarding, you can get them enrolled. They can get into the ocean after learning a few basics.

Fort Lauderdale, Florida


It is a natural beach with pristine white sand. The beach provides the skim boarders with lots of open space. The sand is soft and the waves are powerful but hollow. There are schools nearby if you want to brush up your skills. You can rent skim gear if you want to. You should be careful about one thing in Fort Lauderdale. When the tide is high you should be careful about the rocks.

Cocoa Beach Pier, Florida


It is a superb spot for skimboarding. The beach is flat and it is a wonderful spot for beginners when the tide is low. The sand is smooth. The beach is wide and the weather is perfect most of the year. It is a kid’s friendly beach. You have plenty of space spread out to have fun on your skim boards.

Are you ready to explore the best skimboarding spots of USA? Are you waiting to watch the ocean with your quick eyes and start riding when a wave strikes and crashes? Skimming is not fun when you do it alone. You will feel encouraged and delighted when you have friends slapping their boards in loud thuds. How about a skimming trip with your friends and family in the upcoming vacation? Don’t forget to book a vacation rental home in advance to make sure you have a pleasant and unforgettable stay.


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