Best Travel Destinations For Pet Lovers

    A study shows that more than 15 millions of Americans like to travel with their pets because they can have more fun during their vacation only if they have their pets around. Are you one among them? If so, here is a list of best travel destinations for you and your four legged loved one.

    San Diego

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    It is a dream destination for dog lovers. The seaside city with its year around warm weather is a wonderful place to take your pets. Your furry friend will love the long runs and refreshing swims in sea water. You have a dog-special bakery with a variety of freshly baked dog special treats. Take your dog to Dog Wash center and pamper him with a shampoo bath.

    Chattanooga Tennesse


    Do you want to have outdoor fun with your pet? Chattanooga, Tennesse is an amazing option. Evening walks amidst the gorgeous scenery will surely be an unforgettable experience. Most of the restaurants offer dog friendly patios. Take your pet to one of them and have a delicious meal. Morning walks in the sunny weather with occasional dips in the cool creeks will rejuvenate you and your pet.

    Colorado Springs

    Colorado Springs

    There is nothing to equal beautiful Mountain View and fresh unpolluted mountain air to make a vacation enjoyable. Your little dog is sure to enjoy the hiking trails in Colorado. The District Museum, the Garden of Gods and the Cliff Dwelling are beautiful places that allow your beautiful pup. A vacation in Colorado Springs is going to give a great break to you both.

    Snoqualmie Pass

    Snoqualmie Pass

    Are you looking for an escape from the noisy and dirty city life? Snoqualmie Pass boasts of all types of winter activities. Enjoy this gift of nature in the summer with your canine friend with climbers and backpackers. It is an exciting wonderland with stretches of white snow everywhere you see. The frozen mountain lakes are a beauty during winter.

    Austin, Texas

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    Austin is a pet-friendly place forever. This is a change from scenic mountains and snow covered passes. This is an urban getaway for your four legged pal. The good news is that there are several parks where you can leave your pets unleashed to run, jump and dance with joy. You can even take your dog to a yoga class. Unbelievable, isn’t it? Yes, but it is true.

    Lake Tahoe, California

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    It is an all-in-one vacation getaway. Skiing, golfing, swimming, hiking, parasailing, kayaking – whatever be your favorite, name it and you have it here. Whatever the climate is, you can enjoy the place with your animal friend all year around. You can take your pet with you to any activity you love to do.


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    The city has about twenty off-leash parks for your pet. Moreover, there are beautiful dog-friendly beaches. The fun does not stop with parks withparks and beaches. You have a Canine Cruise to keep you and your canine friend cool and relaxed. Numerous water bowls are left all over the cruise to keep your dog hydrated.

    These experiences are sure to tighten the bond between you and lovable pet.

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