Travel Guide: Twin Peaks – A Must Travel

Do you want to have a dazzling view of the entire city of San Francisco, the bay and the ocean? If so, you should visit the Twin Peaks in San Francisco. The spectacular view is sure to leave you dumbfounded. Where is it? It is located in the geographical center of San Francisco. It rises about 280 meters above the city. It is bordered by Noe Valley, Inner Sunset, Diamond Heights and Cole Valley.

twin peaks travel guide

It is the most favorite spot of the bicyclists, trekkers and film makers. You will understand the reason why people go jockeying the moment you see the panoramic view from the top. The stunning view of the Ocean Beach, the Bay Bridge, the Market Street, the Golden Gate, Mount Diablo and towering skyscrapers of the city is going to make you speechless. You will realize that you cannot capture the beauty in your camera or even in your eyes. The night view with lights sparkling like diamonds cannot be explained through words.

Do you want more info on Twin Peaks?

  • The North Peak is called the Eureka Peak and the South Peak is called the Noe Peak.
  • In the year 1906, a quake hit the peak. To fight the fires resulting after a probable quake, there is a reservoir that can hold about 300 million gallons of water.
  • It is a home for a rare and endangered species of butterfly called Mission Blue. They can be seen in the months of April and May.
  • The area is the home for wild life like raccoons and skunks etc.
  • The abundant fauna and flora is a treat for nature lovers.
  • You can take your four legged canine friend but you have to keep it leashed.

Want a few useful tips before you visit Twin Peaks?

twin peaks travel guide

The place is flocked by tourists, locals and their guests. If you want to avoid the crowd you should reach the peak at or before 10 a.m. in the morning before the tourist buses start coming. Make sure you avoid foggy days. You will be disappointed because you can see nothing but the swirling fog. The chances of cold winds blowing are really very high. It is wise to dress warmly. Climb up to the top to enjoy the floating feeling and then walk a mile around the peak to make sure you don’t miss any view. Make sure you wear your hiking shoes.

How to reach the spot?

The best way is to go by car. However, it is not easy to find an empty spot in the parking space. The public transport buses are not very convenient. They drop you at the Crestline Drive stop and from there you have to take a long hike to reach the peak. You can go by hiking or biking. Bike rentals are available. You can also take a tour bus.

Everything about the Twin Peak is exciting and beautiful. The next time you are in San Francisco make sure you visit Twin Peak.


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