How To Keep Fit And Stay In Shape During Vacation Without Spoiling The Fun?

Your long expected vacation is just round the corner. Your dream is going to come true. You are going to have fun, excitement and of course good food. It is going to be a few days break from your daily routine including diet and exercising but do you want to ruin your fitness and shape? It should have taken loads of efforts to attain a shapely and fit body. Why should you ruin your fitness in a couple of weeks when you can keep fit and stay in shape during vacation without spoiling the fun?

Easy tips to stay fit during vacation

stay fit during vacation

1. Explore the city on foot

enjoy vacation by walk

When you go round in a speeding car you may miss a few important places. When you take a walk or go for a run you will end up seeing many interesting parts that you normally would have missed. There are many tourist spots that offer free walking tours and hiking tours covering places of interest. Exploring the place on your foot not only ensures that you miss nothing but also ensures that the extra calories that you consumed are burnt. If it is not possible to enjoy vacation by walk, you can hire a car and save money on vacation by following few tips

2. Indulge in water activities


Are you planning for a beach vacation? If so, you need not worry about exercising during your vacation. You have lots and lots of water activities to choose from. You can go for a swim or snorkelling or surfing or scuba diving or paddle boarding or water skiing. They will surely keep you fit.

3. Rent a bike

Riding a cycle has many benefits. It burns fat and it builds muscles. When you go for cycling you will be able to see more spots than walking. Cycling lifts your spirits and will keep you mentally and physically active for the rest of the day.

4. Diet

When you are on a vacation, sticking to a strict diet can be really depressing. Enjoying the local culinary is an essential for a perfect holiday. If you don’t want to spoil the fun of your vacation you should find a balance in your diet. Do you want to know how? The first thing is to stay in a vacation rental home instead of a hotel. Vacation rentals with full equipped kitchens are the best choice to stick to your dieting plan. Cook two of your meals and enjoy one meal outside. If you have fresh fruits and vegetable salads and lean protein for breakfast and lunch you will get a lot of nutrients to stay energetic during the day. You can have a relaxing dinner tasting the local special dishes. There is one more tip that you can follow. Eat frequent but small meals. This will help in making sure that you do not gain weight in your abdomen region.

5. Take the stairs

Never step into an elevator or an escalator when you have stairs. Climbing stairs is a wonderful cardio workout that tones your body and increases your core muscle strength. It is always better to take stairs wherever and whenever possible.

6. Simple exercises in your room

You don’t have to go to a gym for working out your muscles. You can do lot of exercises in your room itself. You can do weight lifts with a two liter water bottle. You can do dips on the bathtub. You can do squats with a water bottle in your hand. You can do decline push ups keeping your feet on the bed. All you have to do is to spend a few minutes before leaving for sightseeing.

7. Practice yoga

practice yoga on vacation

Yoga exercises do not make you tired but they make you energetic. Yoga Asanas keep all your muscles toned up and flexible.  Learn a few basic yoga postures from a trained yoga instructor before leaving for your trip. You can do them before leaving your bed in the morning.

8. Pack wisely

Pack your running shoes, gym shorts and tees, swimsuit and lightweight gym equipment like jump rope and resistance bands. Moreover, don’ forget to pack your resolve to stay fit and shapely. This is more important than the equipment you pack.

9. Let your alcohol choices be smart

It is natural that you tend to consume more alcohol when you are on a vacation. Nevertheless, if you make smart choices of drinks your health and fitness will not be ruined. Say no to beer because it has very high carb content. Moreover, they decrease your testosterone levels. More the testosterone more is the muscles gained. it is better to avoid beer. Go for low carb alcoholic drinks like dry white wine, whiskey and vodka. Avoid sweetened drinks for mixing.

10. Let your minds relax

Holidays are meant for enjoying. You should forget your stresses while you are on a vacation trip. You should not constantly worry about the extra calories that you consumed. This will not only spoil your holidaying fun but also will spoil your health and fitness. Extra stress means extra weight gain. When you step out of your home for your holiday you should set your mind that you will not be able to stick to your regular diet and exercise plans.

Travel is about making memories, meeting new people, enjoying adventures and learning new things. Make sure that too much focus on fitness and shape doesn’t spoil your travelling fun. Do what you can to stay fit and relax.


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