How To Make Your Holidays Eco-Friendly

Global warming is the talk of the day and going green is the need of the hour. It is the duty of each and everyone in the earth to protect their environment from getting deteriorated further. You can protect the environment by following a few easy steps even when you are taking a holiday trip.
Do you want to know how to take an eco- friendly vacation travel?

Eco-friendly transport:

  • Do you know air planes emit more carbon than all other modes of transportation? It is actually wise to choose a destination where you can travel by road or rail but it is not always practically possible. If you cannot avoid air travel, make sure you take a direct flight or a one-stop over flight.
  • Once you have reached your destination, use public transports like trams, sub urban trains, buses and shuttles etc. as much as possible. This is green way of travelling when compared to taking a cab or going for a car rental service.
  • Are you planning to visit a place near your hotel or vacation rental where you are staying? If so, go by foot or a bicycle. Bicycle hires are available everywhere.
  • Pack lightly. Are you wondering how it will help the environment? Lighter baggage means reduced fuel emission and heavier baggage means increased fuel emission.

Eco-friendly accommodations:

Many hotels have switched over to eco-friendly practices. They use renewable energy sources like solar energy and wind energy etc. The cleaning products that they use in their hotels do not contain any harmful chemicals that can endanger earth. They take the right measures to recycle waste. The bedding that they provide is non-toxic. If you search the internet, you are sure to find loads of ‘green hotels’. Make sure you contact the hotel and the previous customers to find if the hotel is really eco-friendly.

Save energy:

Avoid wasting electricity. Save energy by switching off the lights when they are not needed. Switch off the charger once your phone has been charged. Avoid using washing machines because washing machines use a lot of water. Don’t waste paper. Electricity, water and paper are precious and are not to be wasted if you really want to protect your environment.

Avoid pollution:

Don’t leave trash in any place you visit. Are you planning to go for a beach holiday? It is the beaches that are most polluted by the visitors. Plastic bags, bottles and trash are thrown on the sand. Make sure you never litter the beaches.

Try local food:

When you buy local food you are playing a role in the economical growth of the locality and you are reducing the carbon footprint too. If you buy packaged food, the packages and shipments affect the environment.

Plant trees:

Green trees are the best tools to decrease the carbon emission and increase oxygen in the atmosphere. Plant trees whenever and wherever possible.

Little steps taken by you will help in making big changes. Remember that little drops make mighty oceans.


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