Top 5 Attractions In Poconos

The beautiful blue lakes, green mountain slopes and colorful flower valleys and forests of Poconos make Poconos one of the most sought after destinations in USA.

Here are the top 5 notch attractions in Poconos.


Bushkill Falls

Top Attractions In Poconos

It is referred to as the ‘Niagara of Pennsylvania’ and is a series of eight huge cascading waterfalls. It is located deep in the Mountains of Pocono. You have to go through a series of hiking trails to reach Bushkill falls. The observation areas in the trails offer excellent views. There are four trails called the Green trail, Yellow trail, Blue trail and Red trail. You can choose a trail that is more appealing to you after having a glance at the maps of the trails. You can spot beautiful birds and wild animals in some of the trails. It is one of the most scenic attractions that should never be missed.

Asa Packer Mansion Museum

things to do in poconos

It is the home of Asa Packer, the philanthropist. The mansion was constructed by the renowned architect Samuel Sloan. It was built in the year 1861. The good news is that the mansion exists the same way as Asa Packer’s family resided for about 50 years from 1861 to 1912. This is a three-storey house with 18 bedrooms. It was sold to the Bear Mountains Lions in the year 1956. From then onwards it is open to the public. A tour around the mansion is intimate.

Great Wolf Lodge Water Park

Great Wolf Lodge Water Park - best places in poconos

Great Wolf Lodge is situated in a small town called Scotrun. The town is located between Pocono Mountains and Tannersville. This is an excellent place for family to have fun. It starts with hotel suites. The themed suites for kids like Kid Kamp suite, Kid Cabin suite, Wolf Den suite and Whirlpool suite etc. Wolf den suite is one of the favorites where your loved ones can have fun crawling around. The suites are followed by waterpark. Its thrill water rides and slides etc. provide fun and entertainment for the whole family.

Claws N Paws

Claws N Paws -poconos attractions and activities

It is an animal park and is a home for more than 100 animal species including mammals, birds, reptiles and others. You are allowed to feed parrots, interact with deer and lambs, pet alligators and python. There are a variety of interesting activities to keep your little ones busy. Dino Dig, Fossil Hunts in the recently added Dinosaur Outpost isa couple of interesting activities.

Kirby Center

Kirby Center poconos - attractions in poconos pennsylvania

This massive arts theater was opened in the year 1938. It was closed in the year 1977 and reopened in the year 1986. The exterior part of the theater is in the form of trapezoid. The exterior is of marble and terracotta. The interior is decorated lavishly with five lobbies, oval mirrors, fluted columns and copper tinted doors. The theater can seat about 2000 people. More than 80 cultural shows are offered every year.

There are many more interesting places like Susquehanna Brewing Company, Environmental Education Center Eckley Miner’s Village, Kalahari Water Park and many others. Poconos is surely a place filled with endless fun.

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