Top 8 Cuisines of the World

Do you consume food just for survival or are you a foodie who is very particular about taste? If you have highly sensitive taste buds and if you are a food lover, you should taste the top cuisines in the world. Have a look at the top 8 cuisines in the world.

Italian Cuisine

Top Cuisines of the World

Everyone loves pasta and pizza but not many know that they both originated in Italy. The main ingredient that adds taste to Italian dishes is cheese followed by tomatoes. The best thing about Italian Cuisine is that its dishes include natural and healthy ingredients like leafy vegetables, garlic, whole grains, olive oil and tomatoes, making it a healthy diet.

Thai Cuisine

Thai Cuisine in usa

It is often confused with Chinese Cuisine but in reality, it is unique and special. It is unique because the tasty dishes of Thai are a combination of sweet, salty and bitter tastes. Taochio or fermented bean paste, tofu sauce and soya sauce are the main ingredients of Thai food. They are not very spicy but are tasty in their own way.

Chinese Cuisine

Chinese Cuisine in usa

Chinese cuisine is the favorite of most of the people in the world. The main foods of Chinese Cuisine are noodles, rice and poultry. The original Chinese fried rice and Chinese Manchurian in the local restaurants are of special taste and you should not be fooled by the taste of these dishes in restaurants in your locality.

Indian Cuisine

Indian Cuisine in usa

The spicy Indian cuisine is very popular because of its diversity. Just as the Indian culture is diverse, Indian foods are also diverse. The Indian Cuisine is mainly divided into North Indian food and South Indian food depending upon the region. Wheat is the staple food of North Indians whereas it is rice in South India. Native herbs, spices, oil and coconut are the main ingredients used.

Japanese Cuisine

Japanese Cuisine

Noodles and Sushi are the most popular among Japanese cuisine. The best thing about Japanese cuisine is that it is light and easy to digest. The most common ingredient used in Japanese cuisine is red beans paste.

Mexican Cuisine

Mexican Cuisine

Tortillas are the most popular among Mexican cuisine. Mexican foods have mixed tastes like sweetness, sourness and spicy flavor. This unique feature makes Mexican food the favorite of many people. Chili peppers are used extensively in most of the Mexican Cuisine than any other cuisines in the world.

French Cuisine

French Cuisine in usa

Versatility of French is reflected in French cuisine too. The main ingredients of French Cuisine are lavender, garlic, olive oil and honey. Fish dishes, bonbons and beef stews are among the most popular dishes of France.

Spanish Cuisine

Spanish Cuisine

Spanish cuisine is famous for its light and healthy foods. Spinach, lemon, almonds, rice and green leafy vegetables are the most important ingredients of Spanish food. Sausages are the most popular among Spanish food. The Spanish wine made with fruits is delicious and refreshing. Spanish cuisine is an example of typical Mediterranean diet. Delight your taste buds with the top cuisines of the world.

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