Top Las Vegas Best Attractions That You Must Visit

What comes to your mind when you think of Las Vegas? Is it the strip of iconic neon lights where the casinos are located? Besides wondering if the lady luck will burn holes in your pockets or fill your pockets, there are many more attractions in Las Vegas. Here is a list of must to visit attractions in Las Vegas.

1. The Strip

The Strip Las Vegas

This 7 km long strip is the home to lots of world’s best resorts, hotels and casinos. The popular landmarks of Las Vegas including Bellagio fountains, the Pyramid, the Sphinx, Eiffel Tower and the Venetian Grand Canal are found here. It runs from Mandalay Bay to Stratosphere Casino. Man made beach and aquarium at Mandalay Bay should not be missed. There are many options to go around the Strip. You can explore the full length of 7 km on foot or you can take a ride in the Deuce bus or you can go by monorail or you can opt for one of the numerous guided tours. Although, the night time is the best time to visit Las Vegas, you can visit during the daytime too. In the nights the Strip is bright and colorful with neon lights but you should be careful that you don’t miss your wallets and other belongings. If you want to stay along the Strip you should book a vacation rental home.

2. Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area

Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area Las Vegas

The red colored rock formation near the city is one of the most stunning sights. This place is the favorite of adventure lovers. It is a fabulous spot for hiking, biking and rock climbing. Some trails are not suitable for beginners. If you are a novice hiker, you should plan your hiking trail in advance and avoid the strenuous trails. Moreover, summers can be very hot and hiking and rock climbing are very difficult. You can also take a ride in the 13 mile long route in the canyon. The beautiful desert and the red hills are surely a treat for your eyes.

3. Madame Tussauds

It was opened more than two centuries ago. It has been visited by millions and millions of people. It is popular forever because the tourists love to rub shoulders with their favorite celebrities preserved in wax. The wax figures are so life like that the guests are thrilled beyond words. Taking photos and selfies with actors, sports persons, musicians, singers and politicians is an all time favorite for Las Vegas visitors.

4. The Neon museum

You can have an interesting tour on Vegas history here. Both day tours and night tours are good but the night tours tickets are little more expensive than the day tours. This is because during the nights the signs are lit. The place is not very big. So it is not one of the best places to visit with your family. The place is not spacious enough for the kids to run around. If you love history then this will be of real interest to you. You will feel that you are transported down the lane of Vegas history. You just have to spend a little time here and it is fully worth the time spent.

5. The Stratosphere Tower

The Stratosphere Tower- Las Vegas

It is one of the best attractions of Las Vegas. Its height is about 1150 feet. On the top of the roof tower you can enjoy a lot of heart pounding thrilling rides. You can scream with delight and fear as well in the rides. You should not miss sky jump, big jump, X scream and insanity etc. If you don’t like heart racing rides, then you can just sit in the observation deck and have a great view of the city from the top. Viewing from the tallest tower is definitely a beautiful experience that you will cherish forever.

6. Shark reef aquarium

Shark Reef Aquarium Las Vegas

It is totally an unforgettable experience where you are transported to an underwater world of fabulous sights and shocking encounters. You will be taken on an exciting journey through a sinking temple where you will come across dangerous sharks, exotic fish and a large variety of reptiles. There are fourteen breathtaking exhibits of dangerous aquatic animals like piranha, stingrays and many more. Don’t miss the largest exhibit, the shipwreck where you have a 360 degree view of the aquatic animals through a tunnel.

7. The Mirage Volcano

The Mirage Volcano Las Vegas

This is one of the signature attractions of Las Vegas. It is a spectacular view to see the place lighting up with fireballs. The awe inspiring performance is made more impressive with special light and sound effects. Sitting on the manmade lagoon, wait for the explosions to start bursting from the rim of the volcano. It was started in the year 1989. From 2008 onwards more special effects have been added to the explosion. The soundtrack composed by the popular musicians Zakir Hussain and Mickey Hart is the highlight of the performance. The show lasts for about 10 minutes. The show starts from dusk every evening. There are many shows until late night.

8. High Roller Ferry’s Wheel

High roller ferry wheel

It soars 550 feet above the ground. It takes about 30 minutes to complete one revolution. It is very popular because you can have sky high views without a helicopter ride. The pods or cabins as they are called can accommodate 40 people. They are climate controlled. When the ride starts you will start to hear an audio commentary of the history of Vegas. The audio commentary is perfectly timed to coincide with the landmarks you pass. Both day and night rides are fantastic. Las Vegas is beautiful in sunlight as well as in neon lights.

Where to stay in Las Vegas?

Staying close to the Strip is better because most of the attractions are in and around the Strip. Hotels are expensive here. The prices skyrocket during vacations and conventions. To save money and to stay comfortably you can book house rentals.


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